Multi-Media & Graphic Design

Graphics and artworks manipulated to the extremity
of the viewers demands.
We utilize both traditional and digital methods for production.
If you like what you see in, on or produced by Thee Art Of,
We can work for you.

We have extensive image libraries, & we can incorporate
any image as specified to suit the needs of each unique client.  
We can also help you prepare your own art for
professional printing/publishing.

We can provide the graphics, the design and the imagination
to make your project unique.

Although we are strictly a design source, we can assist
you with information on a wide variety of
production resources to suit your needs.

Some of the applications of multi-media design include:

We can assist you with the photographic arts, including:

and the list goes on and on...

There is no limit to what can be done - if you can
imagine a design, we can create it.  

Our experienced staff designs & Manipulates all
art with confidence!

Please have a look at our portfolio.