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By using Thee Art Of, you agree to all terms, conditions, and legal disclaimers that are available for you to read. When
you use our service, you agree that you have read, acknowledged and accepted all terms, conditions, and disclaimers.
Thee Art Of does not transfer copyright material. It is illegal for us to convert media with copyright on it. When you use
our company to convert analog media to digital, you agree that you have read this fact that we do not transfer or accept
copyright material. If you send us copyright material and we unknowingly transfer it, you are in agreement to take full
responsibility of any consequence(s) that result.
In the unlikely event that something, not limited to but including loss or damage, happens to my tape photo or other
item/material sent to Thee Art Of, Thee Art Of will not be held responsible or liable, not limited to but including financially
and legally.

  • Thee Art Of specializes in analog media to digital conversion, but is not limited to the practice.

  • Thee Art Of will email or call you between the hours of 10AM-5PM unless noted otherwise to make any clarifications
    on your order.

  • Thee Art Of charges appropriate sales tax rates per location and I agree to pay the sales tax.

  • Thee Art Of does not collect information from those under 18 unless a parent has given permission for the child to
    give information.

  • If you are under 18, you have received permission from your legal guardian to use this website and all its

  • Thee Art Of takes all proper actions to keep my information private. The only person with internal access to your
    information is the CEO.

  • The CEO cares more about you then you think and works to make the company the ideal experience for you.

  • Thee Art Of provides you with a website and software that is free of spyware, and other malicious programs.

  • All payments are handled by PayPal to provide you with a safe means of transaction.

  • You agree that you have acknowledged that for a conversion to start a payment needs to process.

  • Thee Art Of takes no responsibility, liability, and gives no compensation in the unlikely and undesirable event any
    media is lost or misplaced.

  • Thee Art Of does not accept liability for media devices, and the content that is on them that is received by them
      from you.

  • Thee Art Of respects your privacy regarding media devices and does not look through your files, copy, or modify
    them in any way.

  • Thee Art Of will contact me if a question arises about a media device.

  • Thee Art Of guarantees that the products are in perfect condition before shipping.

  • Thee Art Of agrees to take responsible action to protect your order during the shipping process which includes but
    is not limited to bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and properly packing your order in the box.

  • Thee Art Of takes no liability if a person under the age of 18 is using the Thee Art Of website without legal
      guardian permission.

  • Thee Art Of accepts no liability for any malicious software that could be present on the computer you are using.

  • Thee Art Of provides a website that is free of malicious software.

  • Thee Art Of protects private information.

  • Thee Art Of is not liable for unknowingly transferring copyright material.

  • Thee Art Of is not liable for an ill transferred media (IE: A tape that has 20 minutes of video, 40 minutes of no video,
    and 20 minutes of video after the 40 minutes of no video, and the DVD has only the first 20 minutes of video.) In the
    situation of an ill transferred tape, Thee Art Of will re-transfer the tape properly with your instructions and ship the
    tape and disc back for free.

  • Thee Art Of is not liable for the condition of the products after shipping (IE: A case cracks in the shipping process)

  • Thee Art Of is not liable for any extensions of the business beyond the transaction (IE: A DVD player breaks)

  • Thee Art Of agrees to takes care of your media as they are our own, and take all the necessary measures to
      protect them

  • Thee Art Of does not transfer copyright content, does not accept copyright content, and if Thee Art Of transfers
    copyright content as a result of my order, I take full legal responsibility

  • Thee Art Of has the right to send copyright tapes back and provide a refund.

  • You agree to inform Thee Art Of if there are any parts of the media that do not have playable audio/video for over
    10 seconds, and following the part where there is no playable video, there is playable video. (IE: 4 minutes video
    plays, followed by 25 seconds of no video, followed by 60 minutes of video that you want transferred)

  • Thee Art Of agrees to maintain a client’s privacy, keeping all their media in the company, viewed by the minimal
    amount of people to get the job done, and view as little video content as possible.

  • The client agrees to have a valid method of payment, and that the payment will be processed before tape
      transfer(s) start.

  • The client agrees that any reviews or posts made about Thee Art Of online or elsewhere can be used by Thee Art
    Of for any purpose.

  • Thee Art Of acknowledges that all media is owned by the client.

  • The client agrees that Thee Art Of can go through the necessary steps to make their analog media into digital.

  • The client agrees Thee Art Of can use their tapes for the services Thee Art Of provides

  • The client agrees that in the situation of media repair, if anything goes wrong, Thee Art Of is not liable.

  • Idaho law applies to all disputes and transactions, because Thee Art Of is based in Idaho.

  • Idaho court will be used in a legal case.

  • The client agrees to bring all disputes directly to the CEO before taking any further action, including legal actions. If
    the client fails to bring a dispute to the CEO before taking legal action, the client agrees they are wrong.

  • Thee Art Of will provide all communication records for legal cases.

  • Full refund is available for all requests that are sensical.

  • Thee Art Of provides no warranty of product

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Terms of Service & Legal